Thank You for an Amazing 2014 Season!

Just incase we have some bloggers who are unconnected to our Facebook Page: ( I also wanted to share this post on our Provincetown Whale Watching Blog…

Monday was our last trip for the 2014 whale watching season; and we want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We greatly appreciate the time and hard-earned money you spent to head offshore with us during the season. With out you folks, who contribute to whale watching industry, you and I would be watching these beautiful, but also very intelligent creatures perform in small concrete tanks. But instead, you and your families/friends chose to venture out into the whales natural habitat to watch them perform their NATURAL behaviors.

That is something we have to always keep in mind when viewing WILD animals in the WILD – these whales are here in the North Atlantic doing what they are doing for the mere fact of survival. They use this very productive area (off of Massachusetts) to feed/eat as much as they possible can so that once they make their 1500 -1600 mile migration down to the beautiful clear waters of the Caribbean they will be ready to fare the winter months fasting.

On Stellwagen Bank this past season we had our share of mellow days but also our share of days filled with intense activity – for example rolling, flipper slapping, tail breaching, spy hopping, sub surface feeding, spinning head breaching and open mouth feeding on the surface – but keep in mind no two whale watching excursions are ever the same experience.

Please keep us on your list of things to do for the 2015 season; we would love to have you back on board! And if you can, spread the word; tell others how great your experience was out on the water watching endangered humpback and finback whales and maybe even minkes, basking sharks, blue sharks, dolphins, seals, ocean sunfish and sea birds!

Again, thank you and God bless.


Plymouth & Provincetown Whale Watching Staff ~


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