September 6th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Saturday was a rough day offshore; we had 15 to 20 mph winds with gusts up to 25 mph.  As we left the harbor we had low clouds and it looked like it could rain any minute.  As we made our way out of Provincetown Harbor things only got better! Just after the breakwater we found a pod or 20 to 30 Atlantic white sided dolphins. This isn’t something we get to experience everyday.  More than likely this pod was chasing their prey (which is fish) and ended up here.


After watching these dolphins we pushed on and headed toward Stellwagen Bank.  After traveling a good distance we located blows (the visible exhalations) in front of us.  These blows happened to be humpback whales; 4 humpbacks total!  As we watched we saw the whales surface a few times then they arched their backs and headed down for another dive.  The first whale to lift its fluke and head down for a dive was Pele.  The next whale to head down for a dive was Jabiru.  Pele and Jabiru are two humpbacks that have been staying together pretty much all season.  The next whales to surface right next to us were SALT and her new calf, EPSOM!  Salt is the most famous humpback whale in the world.  Salt is whale who was first sighted in 1976. Salt gets her name because of her very white scared dorsal fin.  Epsom is Salt’s 13th calf that she has brought back to this area and we were lucky enough to see this pair today.


We watched as these 2 whales hung out on the surface right near our stern. Next thing we knew Salt was lifting her fluke high out of the water and headed down for a dive.  As we were waiting for the humpbacks to return to the surface a minke whale surfaced right next to us - so close that we heard the exhalation before we saw the whale.  Minke whales are not typically intrigued by whale watching vessels but this whale was different.  This minke whale kept alternating which side of the boat he surfaced on; at one point the minke surfaced at 9 o’clock and then 3 o’clock and so on…  After spending time with this minke whale we moved off to find the group of 4 humpbacks that we started with.  We were able to relocate Salt and Epsom again; it was so nice to see this mom and calf swimming side by said.


To end our watch we saw Salt lift her large tail fluke high out of the water and head down for a dive.


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