September 5th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

We started our whale watch off by traveling along Race Point beach and headed to the East. Once a good distance we located a large area filled with small rec. fishing boats, birds, bait fish, minke whales and finback whales.  While here we had minkes and fin whales surfacing in all directions.  At one point we had a minke whale surface next to a finback whale which was a great opportunity to see the size difference of these two species!


A few times we had the finback surface pretty close to us and we were able to get amazing looks.


After watching these whales just off Provincetown we moved on to search for more whales. As we made our way further to the north we began to spot blows. We ended up moving into the area and watch a humpback named Sirius.


Sirius is a humpback whale that was first sighted in 1982. He was first sighted as a calf traveling beside his mother so we know that Sirius is truly 32 years old. Sirius was born to a humpback named Fringe.  Fringe was first sighted in 1979. Sirius was Fringe’s second known calf but has had a total of 10 known calves.  Over the years Sirius has not yet been sighted with a calf – that is a good hint to us that Sirius is a male.  After watching Sirius we moved out of the area to search for more whales. We were unsuccessful in finding any whales so we swung back through our earlier location and picked up on a few minke whales and a finback whale (which was pretty close to the beach).  All in all, we had a nice day offshore watching all three species of baleen whales.

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