September 4th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Today was a gorgeous day out on the water. We had to travel pretty far North BUT it was worth it. We found an area loaded with minke whales and humpback whales. We started out by watching a breaching minke whale. This minke whale breached for a good 8 to 10 times and then settled down. It was so cool to watch the whale leap clear out of the water.

Next we located a mother and calf humpback whale. This pair was traveling off our starboard side. These two whales stayed side by side until they arched their backs and headed down for a dive. We later identified this pair as Echo and her 2014 calf.


Next we moved up into an area a little to the east and ended up surrounded byhumpbacks andminkes. Everywhere you looked you could sight a whale surfacing. We were able to identify Draco, Follicle, Bandit, Tracer, Cardhu, Dome and Ganesh and her 2014 calf. Ganesh’s calf stuck with us for most of the trip – always surfacing pretty close to us.


We even got a great look at the calf’s ventral fluke pattern as it arched its back and lifted its fluke a few times.



While offshore today we got great looks at humpbacks traveling, diving, kick feeding, bubble net feeding, open mouth feeding and straining!


Later we ended the trip with two humpbacks (Tracer and Dome) traveling together.  After all of this we headed out of the area because we had run out of time. On our way home we witnessed something spectacular!!! One of our passengers located a finback whale on our starboard side as we came along Race Point. But on our port side we had something that left us speechless. We had a GREAT WHITE SHARK!!! The shark was occupied with attacking something because the shark lunged through the surface of the water.

UNBELIEVABLE!! But bummed we couldn’t get a picture of this.

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