September 2nd, 2013 ~ 12:00 pm Whale Watch - Tiffany

This Monday marked the ending of our Provincetown summer whale watches.  And I guess the whales were waiting to give us a grand finale because we had the most amazing sights offshore!!  Our first sighting was of a mom and calf pair named Clipper and her 2013 calf.  These 2 whales were fluking out, flipper slapping, inverted lobtailing and even spinning head breaching!!



We watched this calf breach at least 15 times and we also saw mom tail breach!


Our next sighting was of another mother calf pair named Valley and her 2013 calf.  These 2 whales were very active as well!

**** TONS of pictures from this trip were posted in a photo album on our Facebook account.  To access the account type ‘Plymouth & Provincetown Whale Watch’ into the FB search bar, hit like and then view the album!