September 1st, 2013 ~ 12:00 pm Whale Watch - Tiffany

Our trip started out with rain but this didn’t stop us from watching whales offshore.  After traveling past Race Point Beach and then 15 miles to the north/north-east we spotted blows in the distance!  These blows were humpback whales.  We ended up finding three humpbacks who were traveling together.  These whales were Nile, Mogul and Conflux.  These three were traveling and fluking out before each longer dive.


While watching this trio, one of the whales Nile performed 2 tail slaps.  She arched her back and lifted the lower half of her body high out of the water and then slammed her fluke down.


We also witnessed a close approach spyhop from Conflux.


Our second sighting for the day was a mom and calf humpback pair.  This pair happened to be Nine and her 2013 calf.  The calf was actually being quite active by flipper slapping!


We even saw a couple of tail breaches too!