June 24th, 2014 ~ 12:30 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

We started out of Provincetown Harbor and almost as soon as we left the harbor we found a finback, who was traveling and non-fluke diving.  Not long after, blows were spotted in the distance so we left the finback to head towards the other animals. When we arrived in the area, there were 2 whales feeding! One of them lunge-fed as we were approaching - lunge feeding is when a whale surfaces mouth open directed toward its prey.


We then left the two whales and began watching two other whales. The one further from us was also feeding using bubble nets (blowing bubbles deep in the water to confuse and scare the bait fish). We stayed with the closer whale, watching them travel around without ever lifting it fluke (tail) out of the water.


It’s hard to identify them, but it is possible to determine which whale we are watching by comparing his/ her dorsal fin to those in our humpback whale catalog.

We then returned to measles, who was still feeding and even lunge fed once, giving us an amazing view of the inside of the mouth. We then watched measles surface, breath, and fluke out before heading back to shore.



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