July 9th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Todays whale watching trip included seeing three different species of whales: humpbacks, finbacks and minke whales. At first we began watching a group of whales in the distance. This group was made up of 5 whales included a whale named Hancock as well as an unidentified mother and calf pair. This group of whales were engaging in a feeding behavior using kick feeding and bubble clouds. Humpback whales use this behavior to congregate the bait fish into smaller areas called a bait ball. This makes the bait easier to cath. As we observed these whales we noticed more whales off in the distance.


We observed a somewhat distant whale displaying a type of breaching called spinning head breaching. We encountered another group of whales in which some humpbacks were kick feeding. Humpbacks kickfeed to stun their prey, making it easier to capture. In the area we observed a whale named Flounder who later joined with a whale named Freckles.


We also encountered Reaper and her very curious calf.


This calf approached the boat, distancing herself from mom. The calf spy hopped 5 times near the boat.


We believe this curious calf was trying to get a better look at our vessel by doing this behavior. Through out the rest of our trip we saw the blows of several other humpbacks in the area.

Our trip concluded by observing two minke whales in separate locations, as well as two finback whales. Today’s whale watching trip was both rewarding in the number of whales we saw and the behaviors we observed, but also the number of species we encountered.

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