July 31st, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

On Thursday we traveled to the edge of the southwest corner to watch whales. As we were coming into the area passengers spotted blows on our left and right sides and Captain Ted spotted three blows off our bow, so we headed straight ahead toward the three animals. As we came into the area we slowed and drifted to wait for the whales to resurface. After a few minutes we watched the three whales resurface! We grabbed amazing looks at this trio – and after watching the whales take a few breaths they arched their backs and lifted their tails to head down for a dive.


While these humpbacks were diving we were able to grab a look at the undersides of the whales tails (flukes) and could ID them as Pele, Jabiru and Eruption.  This is an association that has been lasting a few days now. It is really interesting to be able to watch this association. It seems that Pele is the whale that always initiated the dives and then Jabiru flukes out second and then Eruption is always last to dive.

As we were drifting we spotted a large dorsal fin out in front of us. A SHARK!! It was a basking shark. Basking sharks are the second largest fish/shark in the world. They are filter feeders just like the large baleen whales. These sharks filter plankton out of the upper part of the water column.


We moved on from this trio once we sighted another blow ahead of us. Our Captain pushed up ahead and we waited for the whale to resurface. This animal came back to the surface and gave us a fluke out dive. We saw the underside of the whale’s tail and confirmed that it was a whale named Dyad.


At this point we had to turn around and head home – we had run out of time. On our way hope we didn’t know that we were going to be extremely lucky and watch another humpback whale who tail breached two times!! AND then continued to lobtail!


And it didn’t stop there we also passed a finback whale! This was the second species of Baleen whale we saw today.

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