July 30th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Wednesday’s whale watch was great! We experienced one of the coolest things I have every seen while on the water today. While watching a humpback whale named Dyad we witnessed him blow a bubble cloud deep in the water column and then lung up capturing a mouth full! Having the water still as glass, we watched this whole thing happen!


We watch the lower jaw drop down and the ventral pleats expand life an accordion to capture as much fish and water at one time as possible.


Watching this was a goose bump moment – just breath-taking to witness this!

~ Check out our Facebook album to see the rest of these pictures!

After watching Dyad for a bit more and catching a quick look at an ocean sunfish out in the distance we pushed on to search for more animals. We traveled on to the north searching for more animals. We only traveled a short distance and then we located more blows out in front of us. As we got closer we could see that this was a group of three humpback whales. We sat and watched these three whales and were able to confirm that it was Pele, Jabiru and Eruption.


We have been seeing these three humpbacks traveling be each other’s sides for the past couple of days now. These whales have formed an association and are sticking together. Normally large baleen whales form short-term associations – usually lasting a couple of hours or days but sometimes we do see them traveling together for weeks.

After watching this group of whales we set out to find more whales – so we traveled to the east and then headed south a bit before turning back to the west. After searching and not locating any whales we got a report that another boat had found a leatherback sea turtle. We wanted to go take a look if possible so we headed for the area where the turtle had been spotted last. We searched around and were not successful so we had to take off and head back towards Provincetown. As we were traveling home our Captain Jonny came to a sudden slow and we had a finback whale in front of us. We were all settled and heading home but to watch another whale was great! This happened to be a finback whale named Loon. Loon is a regular off the coast of Massachusetts. After watching Loon for a few minutes we pushed on back to Provincetown. Overall we had an excellent day offshore!

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