July 2nd, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Today we left the dock in Provincetown and ventured off into the sunny Harbor with high hopes of finding whales. The temperature was warm yet tolerable and the seas where mildly rough with wind.  Our captain headed North-West towards Stellwagen Bank. After only traveling for 50 minutes we saw blows off into the distance approximately 1 mile from our boat. We soon could tell at least one was a humpback, which we were all excited about. Our first whale soon “fluked out” as it began to take a deep dive. Patterns on the fluke allow us to identify humpback whales – this whale was identified at Measles.


We consider Measles as a “friend” as we have been seeing her regularly since 2012, when she was first identified. We spent some time observing this animal in its natural habitat, but decided to look for the second animal as we do not want to spend too much time with one animal – don’t want to stress the animal out.

We soon saw a “blow” only a short distance away so we proceeded into that direction. It was another humpback!!  Upon approaching this whale we identified it as Hancock, another “Friend”. This sighting was even more exciting than the last as Hancock was feeding. We were able to see her blow a bubble cloud then lunge up to the surface with her mouth wide open.


Again we observed this beautiful and large animal for quite some time, but wanted to give it space and moved on hoping for the opportunity to find another whale species.

As our allotted time on the water dwindled, we began to head back toward Provincetown, but we were able to get a quick glance at a finback , the second largest animal to ever be on earth! Heading back to shore, a bit wet and salty we all laughed and spoke of out favorite parts of the whale watch; I think Hancock’s lunge feeding stole the show:)

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