July 29th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Today we had a beautiful calm day offshore watching humpback whales. We started off the trip by watching a single humpback whale. This animal was traveling and after a few minutes at the surface would arch its back and head down for a dive. A few times this animal lifted its fluke (tail) out of the water. When this occurred we were able to grab excellent looks at the underside of the tail fluke. This whale had a very black ventral fluke pattern and we had no idea who the animal was.  (On our way home we compared our photos to the to the catolog and we were able to ID the animal as a whale named Conflux).



After watching this animal for a few more minutes we moved on to look for more animals in the area. After only traveling for a few minutes we spotted more blows up ahead. This was a good sign! As we moved closer into the area we could tell that there where three animals. We moved into the area and watched.


We watched as these animals traveled and fluked out before diving. We were able to look at the underside of the fluke as the whales dove and we identified the animals as Pele, Jabiru and Eruption.

25-_0469 (Eruption)

We spent the rest of the trip with this trio – watching as they swan at the surface. A few times these three humpbacks came pretty close to us and we were able to grab great looks and really understand the size of these majestic creatures.


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