July 26th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Michelee

We were lucky enough today to spend the majority of our whale watch with a group of four endangered adult humpback whales! We started out our trip with one humpback, however this whale seemed to be diving for long periods of time and not surfacing for very long. We decided to let this whale be and move on to a group of whales we saw in the distance. The group of four that we got to know today was made up of individuals that have been sighted rather regularly in the past week or so. Their names are Bayou, Pele, Jabiru, and Eruption.

1-Bayou (Bayou)

9-Eruption-1 (Eruption)

These four whales swam all around the boat and popped up right next to us a couple of times! After leaving this group of four, we received reports that there was a humpback closer to the beaches of Provincetown. As we headed home, we took a look at this single adult humpback. She is also rather well-known and goes by the name of Freckles due to the white markings which resemble freckles on her dorsal fin.

12-Freckles (Freckles)

We had a beautiful day offshore and we want to thank all of our passengers for joining us today!

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