July 25th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Michelle

The visibility was our best tool when we headed out of Provincetown today! It was clear and we could see for many miles so it didn’t take us too long to find two groups of endangered humpback whales. One of our groups had a mother and a calf that we had seen the day before by the name of Perseid, but this time, she was with a different adult female named Cajun.

7-Perseid's calf

We also had a pair of humpbacks that we identified as being Pele and Eruption. All 5 of these whales are ones that have been around the past week or so, but have been constantly changing groupings, which just shows us how short humpback whale associations can be! We saw these two groups come together into a big group of 6 whales!


They did separate again and when they did, Eruption and Pele surfaced right next to us and gave everyone on board quite a scare! Once we left these six, we came across a pair of humpbacks who we later identified as Dyad and Seal.


Seal is an old, adult male who we see quite often and who has very well-known siblings as well. We had a great day offshore with endangered humpback whales!

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