July 24th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Michelle

Although it was cooler offshore than we have been used to, it didn’t seem to matter to the whales! Today, we were lucky enough to see two groups of humpback whales! The first group had 3 whales, including a mom and calf pair!

3-Jabiru & Eruption

The second group had 5 whales all travelling together! These two groups were staying right around the same area, which was making them very difficult to keep track of! Through looking at our photographs, we were able to identify the mom and calf as being Perseid and her new 2014 calf!

5- group diving

They were traveling with an adult female humpback named Pepper. Our group of five was a little more difficult to figure out but we eventually figured them out to be Bayou, Aerospace, Pele, Eruption, and Jabiru!

2-Eruption fk  (Eruption’s ventral fluke print)

Just when we thought our whale watch was over, we came across a single humpback whale on the way home! Somehow we took the perfect picture to be able to identify this as an individual named Dyad! Thanks to everyone who joined us for a great trip!

** Check out the complete photo album on our Facebook page ~ PLYMOUTH & PROVINCETOWN WHALE WATCHES **

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