July 23rd, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Wednesday was a rough day offshore - but man were the whales great!!  We started the trip out by coming upon a finback whale as we traveled along the beaches of Provincetown.


After taking a few looks at this animal, we watched it dive and we moved out of the area to search for more animals.  Next we located three humpback whales: Pepper, Nile and Nile’s 2014 calf.  We watched this trio traveling and diving.  It’s always a special sight to be able to watch a new-born humpback whale during our trip.


After watching this group of humpbacks we moved off and headed toward other blows that we had been seeing out in the distance.  These turned out to be more humpback whales! We had a good 5 to 6 more individuals move through the area while we were watching.  As some of these animals dove we were able to get looks at the ventral flukes and we know we watched Tear and Firefly but the others are still not identified.


*Please check us out on Facebook to see the trips complete photo album* PLYMOUTH & PROVINCETOWN WHALE WATCH

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