July 20, 2015 - Naturalist Carly Hepburn

Mother and calf.

We headed to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary with sunny skies and calm seas. As we headed to our first sighting of the day, we saw one of the two humpback whales do two spinning head breaches! Once we approached this pair of humpback whales, we saw that they were a mother and calf pair. They quickly settled down and we were able to watch them surface a few times before we moved on.

Humpback calf.

We then headed towards a group of 2 humpback whales, this pair came right next to the boat and we were able to get great looks of one of the humpbacks head/rostrum and their blowhole. On our way we saw quick looks of 1 humpback whale traveling alone and another pair of humpback whales traveling together.

After moving through the area we came across a couple more sightings and saw a beautiful double fluke out dive from two humpbacks! We also were able to watch another pair of humpback whales traveling together, and one of those whales was a humpback named Ventisca.

Fluke out dives.


Overall we had an amazing day offshore and were able to watch 10-15 endangered humpback whales!

  • Unknown humpback and Ventisca.

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