July 11th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

On Friday we had a day filled with whales - and such great looks!! We were lucky enough to find all three species of large whales offshore: minke whales, finbacks and humpbacks. We started the trip off with three different groups of finback whales. Each group consisted of 2 finbacks traveling together.


We got excellent looks at these animals. As one of the whales were swimming, all of a sudden it rolled over and gave us a look at its white belly.


After watching the groups of finback whales we moved to the north to locate more animals. After only traveling 2 miles we spotted multiple blows out in the distance. These blows turned out to be a group of humpbacks and a group of finback whales.

We made our way over to the humpback whales and found Freckles and Rapier feeding on their own but in the same general area. Each time we watched as these 2 whales would kick the water’s surface a few times with their big flukes then go beneath the water and blow a bubble cloud to corral and frighten the bait fish. Next we watched the whales lunge to the surface with their mouths open. While watching this we were able to see the baleen plates hanging down from the upper gums of the whale’s mouth.


While watching these 2 humpback whales we had 2 minke whales surface at different times, but just for a few seconds. We watched Rapier and Freckles for a bit longer before making our way back toward Provincetown.

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