Friday, August 10, 2015 Whale Watch - Naturalist Krill Carson


Beach Ball


Cory’s shearwater with Wilson’s storm petrels.

After moving past Race Point on our way offshore, we started seeing large concentrations of seabirds like Cory’s shearwater and Wilson’s storm petrels. These birds feed on the same small schooling fish that the whales feed on so it was encouraging to see them in such numbers. Always a good sign for us when we are looking for whales offshore.


Finback whale.

Our first sightings included 3 to 4 finback whales that were feeding deep just south of Stellwagen Bank. These animals were feeding on their own, but each was charging through the area as they maneuvered before diving deep. Finbacks are listed as an endangered species, so always great to have such amazing looks at these rare and exciting animals.


Canopy breathing at the surface.


Canopy fluking out.


Pele and Canopy traveling side-by-side.

As we moved north, we picked up a pair of humpback whales that we identified as Canopy and Pele. Canopy has a large, hooked dorsal fin (fin on the back) while Pele has a more rounded and scarred dorsal fin. Easy to tell these two individuals apart just by using the size, shape, and markings on the dorsal fin.


Pele fluking out.

Our last sighting included a small pod of common dolphins. We haven’t seen dolphins for quite some time so this was a treat for all onboard. Common dolphins are a very acrobatic and curious species that often comes over to the boats to investigate. Lots of jumping and close views of this pod or family grouping that included many mother and calf pairs.


Common dolphins.


Common dolphin.


Common dolphin.


Common dolphin.


Common dolphins.


Common dolphins.


Common dolphins.


Common dolphin.


Common dolphin.


Common dolphins.

A great day offshore in so many ways. Thanks to our captain, Jonny Dennnen, for doing such a great job and extending our trip to allows us to stay with the dolphins a bit longer than scheduled. Hope we get a chance to see dolphins offshore soon!

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