August 6th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

On Wednesday we had a great day watching humpback whales! We were very lucky to find three individual humpbacks. Our first sighting turned out to be a feeding humpback named Shuffleboard. We watched Shuffleboard traveling, diving and even kick feeding!



After spending a good deal of time with shuffleboard we moved on to see if we could locate another animal. After only going a short distance, Captain Jonny spotted another blow in the distance. This happened to be a humpback whale named Dyad! Dyad is a female whale that we get to see quite often on the Bank.


Dyad was a very active animal today – she was feeding using a mechanism know as kick feeding but while doing this she was lifting her left flipper out of the water each time.


This type of feeding stuns and confuses the small bail fish – this way it makes it easier for the humpbacks to capture the injured fish. We were also able to see Dyad open mouth feeding. After the kicks Dyad would surface with her mouth open and that is when we would get a great look at the baleen plates in the mouth.


After watching Dyad for a while we pushed off in search of another animal. The next whale we came across is a humpback named Freckles. Freckles is an easy identifiable whale because of the white spots on his dorsal fin.


We grabbed a couple looks at Freckles and by then we were out of time, we had to turn around and head back toward Provincetown. On our way home we saw Dyad sill kick feeding out in the distance on our starboard side. Captain Jonny was extremely generous – and we veered off track and headed over to Dyad to take another look.

Boy were we glad are captain gave us another look because Dyad really put on a great show! We got to see Dyad kick feeding, open mouth feeding and straining.


After spending time with Dyad we pushed on and headed home. All in all, we had a great day out on the water watching humpback whales.

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