August 30th, 2013 ~ 12:00 pm Whale Watch - Leah

We had a beautifully sunny day offshore.  There was a bit of a swell but it still was a great day.  We started off our trip with an elusive finback that was spending lots of time underwater, which lead us to continue on to quite a sight.

Today we had about 6 finbacks feeding around the same location and a lonely humpback amongst the group.  We did travel about 24 miles offshore to a bit further of an eastern portion of the southeast corner of Stellwagen Bank.


The finbacks were showing us great looks at their lunge feeding behavior.  We could see the rorqual pleats on the underside of the finbacks lower jaw.  Also we would get quick glances of the flipper and fluke of the finback as it rolled.



The humpback that we had offshore was a whale named Pinball, who was also feeding.  Then the other really cool thing that we saw offshore was a pod of atlantic white sided dolphins.  They were very acrobatic and amazing to watch chase after the finback in order to catch what the finbacks missed while feeding.