August 2nd, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Michelle

We sure had a crazy day offshore today! Whales were spread out and feeding! We were lucky enough to see two different feeding techniques of humpback whales: kickfeeding and bubble net feeding.


Kickfeeding is only seen by humpbacks in the Atlantic and involves the whale slapping the surface of the water with its very powerful, 15 foot long fluke. This creates a lot of bubbles which confuses the small schooling fish that they feed on, causing them to school together. The humpback can then come through the middle of that bait ball with its mouth open to eat all of those fish!

Bubble net feeding has the same end result, however it involves the humpbacks blowing columns of bubbles in a spiral pattern to confuse the fish and cause them to school together. We saw both of these techniques close to the boat today! While it was difficult to keep track of individual whales, after looking at our photos, we were able to identify 4 individual humpbacks by the names of Underline, Lariat, Gumdrop, and Grouper.

13-Gumdrop straining

At one point, Gumdrop fed right next to us and then dove right under our boat!

14-Gumdrop fk

Thanks to all of our whale watchers today!

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