August 26th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Tuesday we watched a few different groups of humpback whales. We started off by watching an association of three. This turned out to be Warrior, Rapier and Wyoming.  These are three humpbacks that we have not seen associated with one another yet this year – and Wyoming is a humpback that we have not seen at all this year.


These whales were traveling and diving together.  Next we located another group of three humpbacks. This association was made up of Pele, Storm and Eruption. OH BOY did these humpbacks give us a great show! Every time they surfaced they came up directly next to our vessel – a few times they made us jump!  At one point Pele did a quick pass by and gave us an amazing view of her big beautiful fluke.


We stayed with this group of humpbacks for quite some time and watched as these beautiful creatures traveled side by side, then arched their backs to dive down. As we were watching this group we spotted blows out in the distance so we moved over toward those whales before we had to head back home toward Provincetown. This happened to be 2 humpbacks, and it turned out to be Nile and her 2014 calf.


These 2 whales were very busy resting. This is a behavior called logging – we call it logging because they look like logs floating on the ocean surface. This is when whales are very vulnerable to ship strikes – since it is difficult to see them. We didn’t want to disturb this mom and calf pair as they were resting, and we were already out of time on our trip so we turned around and headed toward Provincetown harbor.

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