August 25th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Today offshore we found LOTS of humpbacks! We watched a total of 9 humpbacks. We started watching Freckles the humpback whale, then moved on to watch Rapier. After we moved out of the area we located a group of 5 humpbacks!! This group consisted of Nile, Nile’s 2014 calf, Eruption, Storm and Pele. We haven’t located a large association of humpback whales like this in a long time. At one point Nile and the calf came up from under our vessel – they surfaced within a foot of our starboard side (WAY too close to us to fit them in the camera lens) and then they dove back down.  Soon afterwards Pele, Storm and Eruption dove. Storm and Eruption showed us a synchronized fluke out dive. After a few minutes Nile and the calf split from the three other adults.


18-_3715 (Storm and Eruption fluking out)

We took some looks at these adults and then moved over to Nile and her calf to where they had resurfaced further way.


It was so nice to watch this large mother with her beautiful newborn calf hanging out at the ocean surface side by side. After watching this pair we moved on to search for more whales. Next, we located Freckles again along with Blackhole and another unkown humpback which we later ID’ed as Warrior.


In this area we also grabbed a few looks at minke whales and finbacks. We even had a harbor seal come into the area and played with us for a bit. This seal so very curious. He/she came right over to the vessel and kept alternating sides of the boat to pop up on.


After this we moved out of the area and had to start heading home to Provincetown. When we made our way in the harbor we came across 2 finback whales – this is extremely unusual. Not every day do we see the second largest animal in the world in P-Town Harbor!

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