August 22nd, 2013 ~ 1:00 pm Whale Watch - Tiffany

We had a very special whale watch on Thursday; due to the fact we were able to watch a mother and calf pair!  This is the first mother and calf pair we have seen since the end of May.

This was a mother and calf pair named  Valley and Valley’s 2013 calf.  It was breathtaking to watch a calf!  At this point in the summer calf’s are still less than a year old, and we were extremely lucky to watch with young whale right next to us.  The calf would have been born down in the warm water of the Caribbean this past January/February.  Then about a month later the mother and calf pair would have begun their long migration back up here to the summer feeding grounds, side by side.


Vally’s 2013 Calf.


Valley’s dorsal fluke.

These two humpback whales were traveling along side another humpback named Pinball.


Humpback whale: Pinball fluking out.

After watching this trio for some time we pushed off and moved over to two other humpback whales.  These whales happened to be Nile and Scylla.  Nile and Scylla are 2 mature female humpback whales.  These whales were traveling and fluking out and once they returned back to the surface after a dive they would begin to log or rest.


Nile (back) and Scylla (front).