August 20th, 2013 ~ 12:00 pm Whale Watch - Tiffany

Today we traveled to the east side of stellwagen bank and found three different species of baleen whales.  We found 3 to 4 minke whales, 2 humpback whales, 1 finback whale and multiple grey seals.


The 2 humpback whales that we encountered today were Pinball and Scylla.  Pinball is a female humpback whale who was first sighted as a calf in 1989 traveling along side her mother ‘Liner’.  This way we know that Pinball is 24 years old.


Humpback whale - Pinball.


Scylla is also a female humpback whale.  Scylla was born in 1981 to a whale named Istar; Scylla is about 32 years old.  Six years after Scylla was born she returned with her first calf by her side (1987).  Scylla had her last calf last year in 2012.


Humpback whale - Scylla.