August 19th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Today’s trip was great! We had a day filled with humpbacks, finbacks, minkes and even a harbor porpoise. We started the trip by passing a finback whale just after Race Point. This whale was cruising along, so we took a quick look as we passed by and then pushed on further so we could make our way to the south-west corner of Stellwagen Bank. Once we approached the area we started to see blows out in the distance so we approached. Once we made our way into the area we could tell that we had found a finback whale and a humpback whale. We were able to watch both of these animals are they came to the surface to take a few breaths of air. We ended up sticking with the humpback whale. This happened to be a humpback whale named Mogul. Mogul is a mature male humpback; we watched Mogul as he subsurface fed, traveled and dove. Each time Mogul went for a dive he would lift his fluke high up out of the water and we were able to grab beautiful look at the dorsal and ventral side of the fluke.



After spending time with mogul we switched with the other whale-watching vessel – to watch the humpback whales they had been spending time with. This turned out to be a mom and calf pair and later we identified this as Mudskipper and her new calf of this year. Mudskipper is a humpback who never seems to lift her fluke out of the water; but today she did!  We got amazing looks at this pair traveling together. And on one of the dives the calf lifted its tail and we were able to see that the calf had a very white pattern.


The rest of the trip we watched minke whales traveling together – this was quite a sight since we don’t always find minke whales associated with one another.


Afterwards we were able to spend time watching finback whales just a bit further to the east.  These finbacks were staying in the same area always surfacing next to our vessel so these animals were either subsurface feeding or may have been resting just under the surface taking it easy in these calm sea conditions.


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