August 17th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Michelle

Although we had the threat of a storm or two today, the weather held out for most of our whale watch and we had a beautiful day offshore. As we were going towards the area where other vessels had reported whales, we came across a finback who was feeding! This finback turned right in front of us and ROLLED OVER! This is a behavior that is very rarely seen by finbacks and it was so close to us! Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t working at the time so if any of our passengers have pictures they would like to share, we would love to see them!

After watching this finback for a couple of surfacings, we moved on to watch a single humpback whale. We found this whale to be an adult female named Freckles, who gets her name because of the white markings on her dorsal fin.



Freckles was feeding deep and we saw a blow in the distance so we decided to investigate. This turned out to be another humpback whale named Mogul who has been staying around this area for the last couple of weeks.


Then we thought we had another whale move into the area but it turned out to be Freckles who seemed to have followed us over by Mogul! After watching these two humpbacks, our time was almost up but we stopped by to watch another finback on our way home. Overall, it was a great trip, filled with quality time with two species of endangered whales!

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