August 14th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

On Thursday we had a breath-taking whale watch! We started the trip off with a pod of 20 to 30 common dolphins. We located these dolphins along Race Point Beach as they went zooming past us. We were able to grab a few looks at these animals swimming in all directions around our vessel as the leaped clear our of the water!



We moved on from the dolphins because they were headed in the direction we just came from (Provincetown Harbor); we wanted to get further offshore so that we had a change of finding more animals. As we pushed on we started scanning in all directions and finally picked up on some blows (the visible exhalation of the whales). They were still a good 2 + miles away so we kept up the speed and pushed on. Once we made our way into the area the other vessel watching the animals radioed and told us that they had feeding humpback whales. So we spent a few minutes with another species, finback, that was surfacing all around us; and then we made our way over to watch the feeding humpback whales as the other vessel finished up. The finbacks were great! They were surfacing in all directions – even lunging sideways to feed on their small prey.

Then the other whale watching vessel left and we began to watch the humpback whales – this turned out to be a mom and calf pair ~ Tongs and her new calf of this year along with an adult male named Freckles.  Tongs and Freckles were very busy surface feeding together.


Tongs’ calf gave us a few great displays of tail breaching just off our port side.


Such a spectacular sight to see this young calf having fun! We spent the rest of our trip watching this trio along with minke whales and finback whales.  We estimated that there had to be 4 to 6 minke whales and 6 to 7 finback whales in the area.

Please check out the entire photo album on Facebook @ Plymouth & Provincetown Whale Watching!

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