August 12th, 2014 ~ 12:00 p.m. Whale Watch - Tiffany

Today offshore we had lots of activity. The trip began with a breaching minke whale off our stern in the distance. Seeing a breaching minke whale is not a common sight but the day before we did see one on our Plymouth to Provincetown Ferry. It was breath-taking to watch this 20-foot whale leap right out of the water. We moved on past this breaching minke whale because we wanted to get further offshore to find more whales. After traveling a little further we spotted blows (the visible exhalation) of the whales off our bow in the distance. From looking at the blows out in the horizon we could tell there were multiple whales. As we moved on and came into the area with the whales we became surrounded!!  There were feeding minke and humpback whales all around the boat. You could look in any direction and you would spot a whale charging past us. There were also birds all over the place to feed on left over fish that the whales weren’t capturing.



In this area we watched Thread and Thicket associated along with someones calf in the same general area.

After, we moved on to another area of concentrated fish, birds, minke and humpback whales. In this area we found Tongs, Tong’s calf, Perseid, Perseid’s calf and Warrior. After a while watching these humpbacks Warrior left the area and we continued to watch the 2 mother calf pairs.

Tongs’ calf hung out next its mother the entire time but Perseid’s calf ventured away from the others to do its own thing for a while – but kept in the same general area of the others.

While watching these whales we had Tongs surface within 10 feet of the stern of our vessel! Having her surface so close it was a great opportunity to get a feel for the size of these adult 50-foot mammals. After watching for a bit longer we had to move away from the humpbacks and make our way back toward Provincetown. Such a great day offshore!

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